Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – A New Definition of Wealth – Super-Connectivity

Have you heard that about 60% of those who sign up for a Twitter account abandon their account within 60 days? Could it be that they just do not understand the value of this media? Many luxury homes for sale Puerto Vallarta Mexicoย  real estate marketing professionals are scratching their heads trying to see where the return on investment is in social networking. Many conclude that it is a colossal waste of time.

We could not disagree more. For those who are either skeptical or feed up with the entire idea of social networking we offer this advice: Look beyond the mechanics of the media to understand the message: Going forward, your net worth, your wealth will be determined by the richness of your relationships. The more high-trust relationship you can establish and maintain with friends, colleagues, neighbors, clients or customers the more social capital you have and the wealthier you are. The key is to understand that wealth in this context does not just apply only to your bank account; it is all about your wealth of experience.

The mechanics serve only to facilitate communication and enable you to create and maintain more relationships than ever before. Networking is as old as the human experience. What is new is the opportunity for “super-connectivity”. Amplify the effect of making friends or business connections at an intimate dinner party by a thousand-fold or more. Super-connectivity is a new definition of wealth.

This week we went to lunch at one of our favorite (and world famous) Santa Barbara restaurants which happens to be a taqueria where you order at the counter then dine in their patio on picnic tables. While waiting in line (yes, the line can sometimes be around the block) we met a fabulous family and struck up a conversation. By the time it was ready to order we were invited to be the guests of our new friends and “break tortillas” together.

We did not stop talking and sharing common interests the entire time we sat together. It was exhilarating to connect in such a meaning way, with intelligent, yet light-hearted conversations on many, many subjects. By the time we were ready to leave we were fast friends. Although, we live a good hour and a half drive from each other, there is no doubt that we will continue our friendship.

We have had similar experiences of deep connection while meeting and conversing with luxury real estate professionals over the internet from all corners of the world, people we will soon meet in person at a conference in Vail, Colorado. We all cannot wait to meet each other after enjoying the pleasure of many, many thought-provoking blog conversations in which we not only discovered similar business philosophies, but also common interests about which we are all passionate.

How extraordinary this experience of super-connectivity has been! The spontaneous combustion of new friendships will no doubt lead to referrals of business over time. But, that will simply be a by-product of like-minded business professionals getting together and just having fun.