Hiring Professional Movers – 5 Money-Saving Tips For Your Next Moveย ย 

1. Get 3 Estimates
 It is always a good idea to gather at least three estimates for any service. But beware of curiously low bids and bear in mind that you often get what you pay for. Obtain detailed written estimates from professionals that actually view your home and contents in person.

2. Attic Items
 Empty your attic yourself. This simple task will reduce the time your movers are working on your clock. Since most relocations are set up to charge by the hour, the more time you save your workers, the lower your bottom line will be. Even if your move was charged by way of a flat rate, less manpower used for a shorter time period will still be reflected in a smaller bill.

3. Do Your Own Packing
 Packing your own items will likely cut your bill in half or more. But go online or ask your moving agent for tips AleksMoving: Your Expert Single Item Movers in Toronto  on correct packing to avoid damage. There is a right and wrong way to pack certain items and it’s worth the few minutes it will take to learn the proper techniques.

4. Leave Chests and Dressers Full
 Some movers will allow you to keep the clothes, towels and linens in your storage furniture like chests of drawers, dressers and armoires. This reduces the number of boxes and packing supplies you will need.

5. Disconnect Your Own Appliances
 Professional movers do not disconnect clients’ appliances and electronics. Instead, they hire a third party provider to perform the service. This act alone will save you $200-$300 on your move. Possibly more if you have a larger number of appliances and electronics than the average three-bedroom home would have.

As always, be prepared on the day of your relocation. Any delays created by items not being ready to load will cost you in the end. By keeping in mind that time is money, and by following these tips, you will enjoy a seamless move into your new home at an affordable rate.