Healing Gemstones and the Layers of the Aura

The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body. But did you know it had layers? Using healing gemstones and gemstone therapy techniques, you can palpate distinct levels of vibration surrounding the body. By applying Opal gemstones in the aura, you can learn to feel these layers-even if you can’t see them. Doing so can give you ample proof they exist.

Layers of the Aura

The layers of the aura that surround the body are like a series of nesting dolls. Ideally, the nesting dolls should fit properly and all face forward. When they do, the chakras can extend as far into the aura as possible to support optimal health.

Unfortunately, stressful experiences can cause the layers to move out of alignment with each other. Auric layers can lose their alignment either globally or in local areas. If locally, then torques can occur in the auric field. These torques can interrupt the flow of life-giving energy that should move continually and uninterrupted through the aura to feed all the organs and tissues of the body. When misalignments are present in the auric layers, physical symptoms of various kinds can occur. Ruby-onyx necklace therapy is particularly helpful for correcting global anomalies, which exist throughout an auric layer. Gemstone therapy in the form of mini-gemandalas or custom gemandalas applied in the aura can correct local distortions.

Various schools name the layers of the aura differently, or place them in a different order. There seems to be two general viewpoints of these layers. In gemstone therapy, they’re called the body-centered model and the soul-center model.

The Body-Centered Model

According to the body-centered model, the layers of the aura appear in this order: supraphysical, emotional (sometimes called astral), causal (sometimes called karmic or memory level), mental, and intuitive. Some people consider the intuitive layer as a very narrow band. The application of gemstones in the aura has demonstrated this layer can extend to a considerable distance, and possibly to infinity.

The body-centered model puts the body in the center. It’s the model that comes into play when you wear therapeutic necklaces or apply gemstone therapy to the aura. But you also need to be aware of the Soul-centered model, because a few special gemstones support it. It can also be a fascinating exercise to try living your life from this perspective.

The Soul-Centered Model

From the Soul-centered viewpoint, your highest self, or Soul, lies in the middle. This is your innermost self and the source of your highest intelligence. It is surrounded by the layers of the aura as follows: Emanating from that center core, that star that you are, is a field of energy that can be identified as your intuitive aura. This layer of the aura protects your highest self and communicates your highest spiritual knowing to your mind. That’s why we call this layer the source of our intuition. It’s the way that your highest intelligence communicates to your mind, which picks it up as a thought.

The mind surrounds the intuitive layer, as well as provides yet another layer of protection for Soul. Surrounding the mind is the causal or memory layer that keeps track of all your experiences. Cocooning this causal or memory layer is your emotional layer. Finally, all these layers come together to live and move within a physical experience.

With this model, you have the greatest command over all the layers of your aura. From the Soul viewpoint, it is easier to see the mind, the emotions, and your physical experience more objectively. It is easier to imagine and therefore manifest new physical and emotional circumstances. If we don’t like the experiences we happen to be living in at the time, we can dream them differently.

Moonstone is one gemstone whose modus operandi works particularly well in the Soul-centered model. One has simply to wear a therapeutic moonstone necklace and this model naturally comes into play. First let’s look at how Moonstone works in the body-centered model. Here, Moonstone vitalizes the supraphysical aura, which surrounds the body. It reflects back information about cellular vitality which allows more accurate genetic replication during cellular division. Yet this reflection benefit also supports the Soul-centered model. As the light of our innermost star radiates out, Moonstone energy reflects some of it back, giving feedback and also supporting our highest self to shine even more brightly. When you wear a Moonstone necklace, you naturally become more sensitive to what you need and your aura becomes a better deflector of that which you don’t.