Give a Promotional Gift Pen Set to Build Business Relationships

A promotional gift pen is a good way to expose your brand to a large audience. Whether you add the pen as a free gift in a bag at your stores, or if you hand them out at conventions and shows, pens can become a very useful part of any long term advertising plan. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are interested in using pens as a part of your branding virtual roundtables efforts. First, you should select the type of pen you purchase based off of your target audience. If you are targeting young audiences, brightly coloured pens may be your best option. However, if you are targeting an older, more refined audience, you will want to pick a type of pen that is elegant. Knowing your target audience will help ensure that your pen is kept and used by the types of people that you wish to advertise to.

Once you have determined what your target audience is, you will need to pick the specific promotional gift pen to use for your campaign. There are many different pens available on the market, from the classical stick pens to elegant gold plated, engraved pens. The cost of these pens varies greatly. Before you pick any type of pen, you should consider how much you want to spend on your promotional campaign. There are several ways to help determine how much you want to spend on your campaign. You can decide based off of cost per pen or you can decide based off of total cost of the project. In most cases, you will want to keep both total cost and cost per pen in mind. If you have a large enough budget to allow for bulk ordering, it is possible to spend a higher amount of money but get a significantly lower cost per pen. If you have plans to attend a lot of conventions or give away pens in your stores, you may wish to do this, as it will ensure that you have sufficient stocks of pens to give away. However, you will want to make certain you are able to distribute the pens within a period of four to six months to ensure that the ink in the pens do not go bad before being distributed.

In addition to the number of pens ordered, it is important to plan the design of your promotional gift pen in advance. The type of design that you use can increase how much it costs to produce the pens. For example, most companies have guidelines for how many colours can be used in a printing project and how much space can be printed on the pens. If you use more than one colour and want a larger space on the pen to be printed, you will have to pay additional fees. Most companies will allow one colour and a set print size without any additional fees. Each colour will then add a set fee for using an additional colour plus an additional fee per pen for the extra inks required for printing. Knowing exactly how much you will spend including extra fees is important to making the most of your advertising spend.