Get Efficient Central Heating

Did you know that a central heating system with a boiler that is over 10 years old is costing you tens of pounds extra every year due to its inefficiency? The way that it heats your water and radiators, the time it takes to start, and the way that it stores hot water all mean that it is costing you more than you should be paying. In some cases, home owners have even saved themselves hundreds of pounds off their annual fuel bills.

But how does swapping one gas central heating system for another facilitate this massive cut in spending? It is all down to new technology and green initiatives.

A combi-boiler Geen warm water is a central heating system that can help home owners to save space and time with its fantastic way of working. It does not need a water tank connected to it because it heats up water instantly, meaning that the water running through your house can be immediately warm. This cuts out the need for a large tank which has to hold the hot water until you need it.

In older systems the tanks might have no insulation surrounding them at all or it might be in the form of a jacket. Whilst this will keep the heated water warm for a period of time, it does eventually lose its heat which might require that you turn the central heating back on. This waste is something that combi-boilers simply do not create.

However, even if you decide to get a central heating system that requires a tank, you can still find one that is more energy efficient than an old boiler. Newer systems are made of different materials which have better insulating qualities. This means that the system does not have to be on for so longer before the water reaches the desired temperature and it will stay warmer for longer.

Other advances in the way of central heating include advanced thermostats which make it easier to control how long you keep it on for, newer forms of greener fuels and more efficient heating methods which make more of your home hotter.

These advances are helping home owners to reduce the amount of money they spend every month on heating their radiators and water. Without them, we would all be using out of date heating systems which cost us more than we need to be paying.