Designing Your Own Family Reunion T-Shirts in Five Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to design your own family reunion t-shirt but you weren’t sure how to start? It is a lot easier than you think, as long as you have a plan. Draw out what you want to put on your t-shirts and pass it around to some family members for their ideas. Other people will see things or have great ideas that you might otherwise miss out on. Once you get your concept ready, it’s time to start designing!

Pick a business to print your family reunion t-shirts. There are literally thousands of local and online stores that offer customized t-shirt printing. To begin the process of getting customized t-shirts, ask the printer what they need from you. Will they need you to give them a specific art file in a specific size or will they help you design it? Will they charge you for design work? Will they be able to print one t-shirt ahead of a complete order for your approval? Will your family members be able to buy shirts online or will they have to buy them through you? Do they have volume discounts? Is there a minimum order? Can they print one t-shirt at a time? Also, be forewarned that most t-shirt printing businesses would not be able to offer a refund for family reunion t-shirts because they would not be able to resell them. All of these questions should be asked ahead of time to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Pick your family reunion t-shirt color.ย If you are having a reunion in the summer, you might want to pick a lighter colored shirt. If it is in the winter, you might want to try a darker color, but be careful as some printers cannot print white ink on black shirts. You Vegan also might want to select a gender neutral color so everyone can comfortably wear the same shirt. Your t-shirt color is the background color, so make sure your design has bold enough colors to show up against the background.

Pick a font, any font. Select a font (type style) that is appropriate and that your family will like. Consider something fun, but also consider if it can be read easily. Some fonts are so fancy that they are difficult to read. You might put the family name on the front of the shirt and the year of the reunion. Another idea is to put the family name on the back of the shirt and some artwork on the front; however, printing on two sides of a t-shirt is usually more expensive.

Get your artwork ready. If you are on a budget, there are many clip art web sites that provide interesting clip art that can be integrated into your t-shirt design for little or no money. Make sure that your art will print well on a t-shirt by selecting high quality images. You might want to print a family photo on the shirts, old or new. Also, family crests are a great look for family reunion t-shirts. Some printers charge for more colors, so be aware of that before you put in your final order. Lastly, get creative and make it fun.

Check your work before printing. It is the consumer’s responsibility to proofread everything before printing. The printer may not know if your name has been spelled wrong, for example. Have a few family members double check the final design before making your final order to avoid problems.

Designing your own family reunion t-shirts can be a lot of fun. Think of the memories that the shirt will bring back every time a family member wears the shirt. Imagine how nice it will be to spot other family members, especially in a park like setting. Designing your own family reunion t-shirts will give the entire family something tangible to hold on to until the next reunion when you can all meet again.