BFPO Tokens of Love: Small Gestures for British Troops


“BFPO Tokens of Love” is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to creating care packages filled with small, meaningful gestures for the British troops through the British Forces Post Office (BFPO). These carefully crafted packages focus on thoughtful details that convey love, appreciation, and a connection to the home front. Here’s a guide to assembling Care packages with small but impactful tokens of love for our brave British servicemen and servicewomen.

Handwritten Letters and Personal Messages

Begin the care package with handwritten letters and personal messages. Encourage friends, family, and well-wishers to share words of love, encouragement, and gratitude, creating a direct and heartfelt connection with the recipients.

Miniature Keepsakes and Trinkets

Include miniature keepsakes or trinkets that hold sentimental value. These small tokens, whether symbolic charms, keychains, or tiny mementos, serve as reminders of the love and support from home.

Family Photos and Collages

Add family photos or small photo collages capturing special moments. These visual snapshots provide a tangible connection to loved ones and bring familiar faces into the military environment, fostering a sense of closeness.

Scented Comfort Items

Incorporate scented comfort items like sachets, scented candles, or small fragrance pouches. Pleasant scents evoke memories and create a comforting atmosphere, contributing to the well-being of our troops.

Pocket-Sized Inspirational Books

Include pocket-sized inspirational books or motivational quotes. These compact reads serve as sources of encouragement and positivity, offering moments of reflection and inspiration during challenging times.

Handmade Crafts and Drawings

Engage communities, schools, and families in creating handmade crafts or drawings. These personalized creations, whether small paintings, handmade cards, or thoughtful crafts, add a touch of creativity and warmth to the care package.

Compact Games and Puzzles

Pack compact games or puzzles for entertainment during downtime. These small diversions provide a mental break and moments of relaxation, offering a brief escape from the rigors of military service.

Personalized Snack Packs

Create personalized snack packs with the recipient’s favorite treats. Tailoring the snacks to individual preferences adds a thoughtful touch, ensuring that each care package is a personalized and delightful experience.

Miniature Flags and Emblems

Include miniature flags or emblems representing national pride. These small symbols serve as reminders of the home country and convey a sense of unity and solidarity with the British troops.


“BFPO Tokens of Love” care packages are designed to make a big impact through small, thoughtful gestures. By including handwritten letters, miniature keepsakes, family photos, scented comfort items, pocket-sized books, handmade crafts, compact games, personalized snacks, and miniature flags, these packages become powerful expressions of love and support. Through this initiative, we aim to remind our servicemen and servicewomen that, even in small tokens, the love and appreciation from the home front are unwavering and ever-present.