Before You Buy – Steel Buildings Need A Sturdy Foundation

Before a structure’s framing or walls can go up it must first and foremost have a strong, secure base. A building made of even the strongest materials will fail if it is built on a weak foundation. Creating a strong foundation for any structure begins with ensuring that the soil conditions are suitable and level for construction. This could require soil samples be analyzed by a geotechnical engineer if previous records of the lands condition are on record. Once your soil is cleared and your site is leveled you’re on your way to having a strong foundation to your building.

The foundation of your metal building doesn’t end with a simple concrete base. It is important to make sure you purchase your steel building from a company that creates the proper dimensions and aesthetic that you want with strength within the structure and the base to support the loads conditions. The building should be designed to fasten the base securely to the building. What good is a strong base if the base is weakly connected to you building?

A strong connection of the base of the structure to its perimeter is imperative to ensure it’s secure, and can properly seal out the elements. Using base angles is standard in connecting metal sheeting to a concrete base. Although 1″x 2″ angles meet geotechnical engineer new zealand building requirements it is ideal to use a larger 4″x3″ angle. Larger base angles are standard for some companies but at others they are an additional cost so it’s helpful to do your research or ask upfront.

Larger base angles are useful to elongate the life of your building. Smaller angles require fasteners closer to the edge of the foundation, which can lead to cracking. Cracks can jeopardize the foundation and the durability of your building; they are a safety hazard and fixing them is an additional expense down the line. Having a crack in the concrete is also acts as an opening for insects, water, and any number of other elements specific to your site.

There are so many different aspects to think about when it comes time to design and purchase yourย but make sure you don’t overlook the base of your building. Some people companies design and build to meet building codes. Unfortunately, with these companies expensive repairs of a weakening base can come back to haunt you.

You get what you pay for, why not do your research and find a quality company that preemptively manages this issue with larger, stronger base angles. After all, don’t you want a company that will create ย with your best interests in mind, and not to save a few dollars here and there?